We understand that circumstances change and that you may need to cancel or reschedule any training or education you have booked but at the same time we must safeguard public funds and therefore we do operate a strict cancellations policy.

Cancellations policy

All STRIVE education and training activity is funded by NHS public funds and therefore we have a responsibility to ensure that these funds are utilised responsibly and effectively.

When individuals sign up for an account and book onto a free or fee applicable event, the individual at that point also signs up to adhere to our cancellations policy.

After providing individuals with an account they have full control to cancel at any point and it is the responsibility of the individual to manage this in accordance with their day to day job role/responsibilities.

We are committed to providing individuals with a range of training and educational opportunities as well as ensuring that our programmes are well attended and therefore we have introduced some specific features to our website:

  1. Data capture (reasons for cancellation) – when an individual cancels if we can record the reasons why people are cancelling we can then capture any themes and raise them at the STRIVE educational committee for discussion/action.
  2. Awareness (routinely contact line managers informing them of staff cancellations and reasons) – this allows line managers to understand any issues around staff attending training.
  3. Attendee reminders (confirmation of place plus additional reminders leading up to the event) – improvement in communication providing as much opportunity to allow individuals to effectively manager their own schedules.
  4. Waiting list (if an event is full add name to a waiting list) – should a cancellation arise any individual who has signed up to the waiting list will automatically be informed a place has become available allowing them to book the place should they be able to attend.

Any unfilled places do usually result in us having to pay facilitation, accreditation, registration, education materials, venue and in some instances hospitality costs for anyone who has cancelled or did not attend (no show).

We feel that we have provided all individuals with the necessary opportunity to manage their own training and therefore to ensure that resources are not wasted the following cancellation policy has been implemented. Please note individuals will be responsible for any fees incurred.

Course typeTimescaleFee payingFunded place
Accredited eventsOver 6 weeks£25 admin feeNo charge
2 to 6 weeks50% of course fee50% of course fee
0 to 2 weeks100% of course fee100% of course fee
Non accredited eventsOver 6 weeks£25 admin feeNo charge
2 to 6 weeks50% of course fee£25 admin fee
0 to 2 weeks100% of course fee£25 admin fee

Any individual who cancels within 24 hours or does not attend (no show) the training they booked will be charged the full cost of the event place. Cancellations received due to illness or extenuating circumstances will not be subject to a cancellation fee but evidence of the circumstances may be requested. If our training is a series of dates and you should find yourself unable to attend a session a fee maybe applicable for you to complete the course at another time. Staff will be issued an invoice for any fees due.

In the event that we are required to cancel or amend a course date, a full refund will be offered (if applicable). We will not be responsible for any consequential losses (e.g. travel and accommodation costs) incurred by individuals in such cases. Individuals may wish to consider taking out appropriate travel insurance for any non-refundable costs when making personal arrangements to attend training.

We may cancel a candidate place on any training by giving you notice if:

  1. You are expelled or excluded from the course as a result of your misconduct or behaviour on the course
  2. Your behaviour or conduct does not in our reasonable opinion meet professional standards or rules, including those relating to integrity, ethics, honesty and trustworthiness & probity
  3. Your attendance or progress is unsatisfactory and/or we find that you are unsuitable for the course and in our reasonable opinion, the cancellation is in our best interests and/or your best interests
  4. You have not completed the mandatory pre-course paperwork required to complete the course

Very occasionally, we may need to make changes to a course’s timetable and/or teaching faculty without giving advance notice.