Interventional Radiology – What is it and how we can help. Thursday lunchtime meeting 2nd February 2023

Available for South Tees staff only

Event details

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The topic of this weeks Thursday multidisciplinary meeting is Interventional Radiology – What is it and how we can help? It will be presented by Demetris Tsiakkis.

Target Audience

This session is available to all members of South Tees.
It will be held in STRIVE JCUH Room 11 and a teams link will be sent for anyone wishing to attend remotely.
It will be streamed to STRIVE FHN Room 1.

Certification & Feedback

Upon completion of the session a certificate will be issued to you. A link will be sent to you after to fill in a feedback form, please ensure you complete the feedback so we are able to continuously improve.


Any information or queries about this session please contact the postgraduate department

[email protected]


Cancellations are to be made through your account. For those who do not attend and have not cancelled their place, your line manager may be notified.