Preparing for the patient safety incident response framework an ABC programme – Wednesday 25th May 2022 (Virtual)

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Event details

  • Date: 25 May 2022
  • Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Address: Via Microsoft Teams
  • Category: Patient safety

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This is a 2 day course –

Wednesday 25th May 2022 & Wednesday 29th June 2022

Brief overview:

Significant changes are taking place in England relating to the investigation of patient harm events. Root Cause Analysis is stopping, and the rigid approach to determining what is and is not an SI is also changing. Much more emphasis will be placed on the place of rapid review by local teams and services, following incidents of harm. These rapid reviews will be sense checked as part of a healthy safety and good governance approach.

There will be two categories of review/investigation. These will be called a PSR (Patient Safety Review) or a PSII (Patient Safety Incident Investigation). The Trust will be required to declare the incident types it will require a PSII for. There are also several national requirements for PSIIs. Anything that does not meet the threshold will be a PSR, and the weight of responsibility for delivering these reviews will fall on team leaders, and local services as it rightly should do.

Topics covered:

  • The structure of a review, principles, and the role of the reviewer, and subject advisers
  • Approaches: Overview of The London protocol. SEIPS and After-Action Review
  • Information gathering – Accessible tools and techniques
  • Analysing information – The principles of triangulation and validation
  • Designing local improvements – outcome focused recommendations
  • Writing up your findings, a letter of complaint response etc.

Target audience:

Matrons, front line team/clinical leaders (inc. medical staff), their deputies those that manage services.

Organised by:

Education events and conference team, STRIVE Academic Centre

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Certificates and feedback:

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