Assertive Communication Workshops

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On this workshop you will explore the barriers to assertive communication and consider your current levels of assertiveness. There will be a focus on specific techniques that enable you to approach difficult conversations with confidence as well as ensuring that you leave a positive impact as a result.

Specific outcomes will be:

  • Identify the 4 cornerstones of assertiveness.
  • Explain how personal confidence plays a role in having assertive conversations.
  • Describe how to build trust and prime for the ownership of outcomes.
  • Identify behaviours most associated with people who are:

–  Aggressive
–  Assertive
–  Submissive

  • Describe a range of assertiveness techniques at 3 levels ( low/medium/high)
  • Identify ways to:

       -Make and persist with a request
       -Give and receive feedback in an assertive way
       -Saying no and sticking to it
       -Dealing with aggression in others

  • Use open questions and active listening to increase impact
  • Demonstrate an assertive conversation using the techniques