Human factors: A patient safety approach- Learning from our Incidents Wednesday 4th October 2023

Available for South Tees staff only

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Course Overview:

Have you ever wondered how serious incidents can, unfortunately, take place?

In this 2-hour session, we will review basic Human Factors content, before moving onto actively applying Human Factors considerations to healthcare, with a particular focus on patient safety outcomes. We will then discuss a range of serious incidents that have occurred locally in recent years, and start to think analytically, in order to understand what went wrong, and how those incidents could have been avoided. These sessions are facilitated by a clinical staff member, up to consultant level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review basic Human Factors concepts
  • Build on previous knowledge, with a focus on patient safety
  • Discuss good/bad team-working and its impact on patient care
  • Discuss cases where an incident occurred and apply Human Factors thinking
  • Think about how we can improve our systems and areas to avoid future serious incidents

Target Audience:

All staff- medical and non-medical.

Organised by:

This event has been arranged by the Human Factors and Civility team

[email protected]


All cancellations need to be made through your account. For those who do not attend without cancelling, your line manager will be notified, and a possible charge may be incurred.

Please be advised that this session has a minimum attendee requirement, therefore we may have to cancel the session if not enough people attend. If this session is cancelled, we will aim to advise attendees as far in advance as possible, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Certificates and other information:

Upon completion of this course, a certificate will be available for you to download from your account, along with any other post course information.

If you are a non-medical registrant, who is eligible for Continual Professional Development (CPD) funding, this course will account as part of your annual allowance for CPD funding.