Insights Discovery Personal Profile Review – 16th November 2023

Available for South Tees staff only

Event details

  • Date: 16 November 2023
  • Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Address: Room 8, STRIVE Academic Centre, The James Cook University Hospital, Marton Road, Middlesbrough, TS4 3BW
  • Category: Leadership

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Insights Discovery helps people raise their self-awareness and also understand their colleagues so that they can develop working relationship that are more respectful, productive and positive, across the boundaries that are placed in front of them every day.

Insights Discovery forms the beginning of the journey and is a form of psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung. It’s designed to help staff understand themselves, others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace.

The Insights Discovery product is suitable for all levels and gives staff the foundation of self-awareness they’ll need to be successful at whatever they do; whether that’s developing themselves, working as part of an effective team, or leading others with authenticity.

Through Insights Discovery, staff will gain a common language that has wide-ranging benefits, including connecting colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries, and providing a safe platform for feedback conversations.

Insights Discovery is now widely used within the NHS and we feature as one of their primary partners on their website.

Undertake an Insights Discovery profile and gain an elevated level of understanding around your strengths, key areas where you may be able to develop and offer the opportunity to share with colleagues and staff you work with.

The feedback is delivered by way of a supportive, facilitated team session with a qualified practitioner, after which your profile report is yours to keep.

Would you like to talk to a staff member about accessing a profile? Contact the Leadership and Improvement Team on 01642 854182 / extension 54182 or email [email protected]

A full feedback report, including facilitation by a qualified member of the team is £65. Please speak with your line manager or the team about funding.

By applying to this event, the cost will automatically be allocated to your collaborative.