Sustainable Quality Improvement – Heatwaves and Hospitals. Thursday Lunchtime Meeting – 14th September 2023

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This weeks Thursday Multidisciplinary teaching will be discussing Sustainable quality improvement and will be delivered by Dr Sarah Walpole.

A brief overview of the session:

Clean air, a stable climate and access to safe, affordable healthy food and travel options are essential for good health. The NHS makes up over 7% of the UK economy, so the NHS transition to net zero will have significant impacts. The NHS has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 26% since 1990. We now need to reduce a further 80% in the next seven years, so urgent action is required to meet the NHS’s commitment.

Clinicians have a key role to play in improving clinical pathways and clinical practice as 60% of the NHS’s greenhouse gas emissions are associated with procurement, including 20% from medicines. This talk will draw on experience working at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and at NICE. We’ll explore sustainable healthcare principles which we can apply to design and implement improvements, and review examples of inspiring projects that have already been undertaken within the NHS. There’ll be time for questions and sharing any suggestions or contributions on next steps at South Tees.

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These sessions are available to all South Tees staff.
It will be held in Room 9 STRIVE JCUH and streamed to Room 1 FHN

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