Urology Clinical Skills Simulation – Friday 23rd June 2023

Event details

  • Date: 23 June 2023
  • Time: 8:30 am - 1:00 pm
  • Address: Room 41, Second floor, Entrance B, STRIVE Academic centre
  • Category: Simulation

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This simulation based course will provide knowledge and understanding of urological clinical skills to help you become more confident in managing common urological issues.

Key learning outcomes:

The session will comprise of 5 stations with following key outcomes in mind:

·Identify different types of catheter and indications for each

·Perform male and female urethral and suprapubic catheterisation 

·Perform a bladder washout

·Perform a scrotal examination and identify common pathologies

·Prostate examination and identifying abnormalities

·Through urology clinical based scenarios aim to improve team working skills, as participants will have the opportunity to experience a holistic multidisciplinary team approach, allowing the development of both technical and non-technical skills.

Target audience:

This course is aimed at all registered nurses working in both primary and secondary settings.

Organised by:

Simulation Team, STRIVE Academic Centre

Email: [email protected]


All cancellations need to be made through your account. For those who do not attend without cancellation, your line manager will be notified and a possible charge may be incurred.