Why is a Rheumatologist interested in Interstitial lung disease – Thursday 7th September 2023

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The topic of this weeks Thursday multidisciplinary meeting is ‘Why is a Rheumatologist interested in Interstitial lung disease’ and will be delivered by Dr Clive Kelly

‘Having established the theme of crossing traditional borders in my talk on medical volunteering in Africa, this session explores the links between chest medicine and rheumatology and explains what we’ve done about them. Having held the first Teesside inter-disciplinary ‘joint chest’ clinic in August, we discuss the reasons for rheumatological involvement in the management of interstitial lung disease (ILD), while describing how drugs designed for the use of rheumatic disease have been repurposed to treat ILD.’

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This session is available to all members of South Tees. It will be Held in Room 40 JCUH and streamed to Room 3 FHN. A teams link will also be available.

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